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Striking and affordable original works of abstract art by global artists. Inspired in Canada, driven by emotion and powered by colour and texture.

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Bold and beautiful abstract works of art by Canadian artists

At Abstract Art Canada, we are committed to providing original art that's accessible and affordable. Beautiful, reasonably priced art that would look perfect in any home or workspace. In various sizes and styles, our artists create art that you can appreciate every day.   The artists at Abstract Art Canada are drawn to bold shapes and colours. They create art with feeling to produce something unique that might leave you reminded of a past experience.   We love creating and we want everyone else to share our love therefore we sell our art at reasonable prices.   Fancy having a go? In addition to selling our art, we offer free online courses for beginners. All you need is a drop of courage and a splash of curiosity.

Do we really feel better when we paint?

Posted by Aimee Coles

At Abstract Art Canada, we believe absolutely, yes!

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Do we really feel better when we paint?

Robbin Yager


Influenced by her water series, artist Robbin Yager describes Detour as the embodiment of the joy of freely moving paint across the surface of the canvas without expectations.

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Jim Ulrich


There is a sense of catharsis in this challenging composition by Canadian artist, Jim Ulrich. A Wonder of Nature mixes rich brown, swirling pistachio green, vivid scarlet and ochre yellow.

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Smartex Tambala

Urban Highway

One in a series of four abstract paintings, Urban Highway by Smartex Tambala depicts the intersection across a busy road.

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