Painted reflections on the Covid pandemic

Posted by Aimee Coles on 06/08/2021 at 07:47


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A few months back, when the COVID pandemic was just starting to tear its way across the world,  Erratic Pictures film maker, Anna Cooley asked Abstract Art Canada artist and founder, Jim Ulrich, to take part in a project, Sandbox ii – a documentary on the psyche in transition in the time of COVID. Anna had observed that eight billion people had been forced into introversion and that this was nature’s call for change.

Anna asked Jim to create paintings inspired by his meditations on the journey of the COVID pandemic. Erratic Pictures asked seven other artists to do the same. Erratic Pictures turned the results into a sandbox: an interactive gallery of each of the artists’ painted stories.

Anna hopes that these paintings will inspire us all to discover our own stories of our experiences of the pandemic.

Listen to Jim talk about each of his three paintings (also pictured below). Jim takes you on a journey of how each composition represents his own, personal experience of COVID-19. He finishes with his final thoughts for the future.

At Abstract Art Canada, we sell original abstract paintings by established and new artists. All our artists are global citizens originally from or with a connection to Canada. If you’d like to know more about Abstract Art Canada, click here.

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