David Brooks

Symbolism, Cubism, Outsider, Impressionism
Acrylic on canvas
Katsushika Hokusai, John Turner
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David Brooks The artist, in the thick of it, seeking inspiration for his next painting


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An IT entrepreneur with a talent for abstract expressionism

A truly global citizen, David was born in the UK but grew up in Canada. He then spent most of his working life in Asia where his principle pastime was scuba-diving. This changed a few years ago when fellow artist and neighbour, Jim Ulrich, inspired David to pick up a paintbrush and ‘just have a go!’ After a period honing his skills, David has discovered his new passion.

Talking about his paintings, that passion is evident. “I love to experiment with different styles and techniques. I’m not satisfied until I’ve created colours and textures that evoke memories and a sense of nostalgia.”

David describes his style as abstract expressionist but you can also see Cubism, Impressionism and Symbolism in his work.

Growing more passionate about art every day, David wanted to create an online gallery with the primary desire to bring together artists with a similar affinity for creating bold, authentic and affordable art while making the connection to his Canadian roots. His current ambition is to create some simple lessons to anyone else willing to have a go.

While mainly exploring natural themes which are often ocean or space-related, David is also available for expressionist abstract commissions.



David Brooks

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 inspired this bold abstract in which artist David Brooks uses metallic textures and ochre shades in his depiction of urban decay and human despair.

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