Jegan G Raja

Abstract Expression
Acrylic and Digital Media
The beauty and elegance of nature
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Jegan G Raja Jegan G Raja


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A self-taught abstract expressionist with roots in Sri Lanka

Born in Sri Lanka, Jegan Raja's family migrated to Canada in the early 1990s. Since retiring from a career in banking, self-taught, Jegan has been developing a career as an artist – his dream and passion since childhood.

Jegan has been painting primarily in acrylic and he also works in digital media. He likes exploring a variety of subject matter in an abstract expressionist style. Jegan enjoys, and gets inspired by, the beauty and elegance of nature. He also likes to travel and is a keen photographer.

Jegan works freelance and is based in Ottawa and is a member of the art group Artists of Stonebridge through which he exhibits his paintings.


Symphony of Nature

Jegan G Raja

Inspired by the autumn colours of a Canadian fall, Symphony of Nature by Jegan G Raja, would bring warmth to any space.

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