Norman Sjoman

Any but currently watercolour and pen
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Yoga meets abstract art in a search for enlightenment

Originally from Mission City in Western Canada, Norman Sjoman grew up in the rural, artisan village of Whonnock. Norman then spent the early Sixties in Vancouver where he studied Mathematical Philosophy and Literature at the University of British Columbia.

Norman then spent six years in Stockholm where he started his studies in Sanskrit. He later completed his doctorate in Sanskrit at the Centre for Advanced Studies at Pune University in India. Remaining in India for the next 25 years, Norman studied metaphysical knowledge systems with Pandits in Mysore.

“I restored paintings in India that were painted in the Mysore style and this influenced my own artwork. I met many modern artists in India who worked in both traditional and modern idioms feeling ultimately that it is a tradition of 'culture' that makes creative art whatever the form.”

In addition to his art, Norman has spent years reading original Sanskrit texts on yoga and has written a number of books on the subject including the 1996 book The Yoga Tradition of the Mysore Palace. He considers yoga to be an art form concentrated on exploring consciousness.

Norman currently resides in Calgary.


2017: Portraits of Yogis and Siddhas. Hotbox Gallery, Calgary.


Rudra Nila

Norman Sjoman

The Rudras are a series of four paintings by Norman Sjoman. They started out as pathway icons like a hand on a rock wall indicating individual  presence and reminding us of what lasts. Rudra is the old god, the master of the uncreate who brought about creation.  In the same way the paintings present the individual in a less defined field.  Norman was exploring these ideas and realized he was doing it visually as well when he started on these paintings. These paintings were created in metallic, pearlescent paints and change colour in different light.

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