Phoebe Bradbury

Acrylic on canvas, wood and paper
Abstract expressionism, underworked art, art by children
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Phoebe Bradbury Phoebe Bradbury


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An abstract expressionist creator of beautiful, underworked art

Phoebe Bradbury is a Canadian visual artist from Manitoba, Canada.  In addition to qualifications in aquaculture, physiology and anthropology she has a degree in Fine Arts from Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) graduating with Distinction.

During her time at ACAD, Phoebe exhibited her art across a selection of venues in Calgary. After graduating in 2006 Phoebe worked as an educator in abstract and acrylic painting at her alma mater, at Mount Royal College in Calgary and at the High River Cultural Centre in High River, Alberta. She also kept a studio in Nanton where she taught art.

Since 2020, Phoebe has been living and working in Yucatan, Mexico, where she has her newer studio. She produces two or three small works every week in between selling her own brand of artist tools.

Phoebe's paintings typically employ experimentation with acrylic paint and ways to apply it. Talking about her art, she describes is as “fresh and underworked”. Though she may spend weeks or longer studying a technique and doing small studies to prepare for a larger piece, she often completes her artworks in less than a day.

Describing her influences as “all the art she has ever seen”, Phoebe also takes inspiration from abstract expressionism and the “underworked and beautiful art created by children.”

When she is not making art, Phoebe can be found with her family or at the beach where she livestreams demonstrations of her art tools and techniques at


  • 2021-2022: Scheduled Art Demos
  • 2017: Studio Tour: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
  • 2009: Nine: Group show, Marquee Room, Calgary AB
  • 2008: Art of Pulse: Group show, Pulse Medical, Calgary AB
  • 2007: Layers of Light: Solo show, Nakusp BC
  • 2007: Orchophelia: Solo show, Marion Nicoll Gallery, Calgary AB
  • 2006: Summer Latitudes: Group show, Calgary AB
  • 2005: Graduation Show: Group show, Calgary AB

For a complete list of Phoebe’s exhibitions and teaching experience, visit


Blue Bridge

Phoebe Bradbury

Artist Phoebe Bradbury tells us that she made Blue Bridge during a demonstration of new art tools. Blue Bridge was a response to her enjoyment of the new tool and the squirts of paint that had been added to the canvas. After viewing the piece the next day with fresh eyes, she came up with the name, Blue Bridge.

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