Quentin Caron

Primarily a form of quirky lyrical abstraction
Oil over acrylic on either canvas or linen; acrylic on paper; inks on paper
Too many to list but above all, the common thread of honesty and authenticity in art.
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Quentin Caron Quentin Caron


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Award-winning art director and exhibition artist with a passion for creating 'lyrical' art

A published artist and award-winning art director, Quentin Caron was born in Calgary, studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and later graduated with an MFA in painting and printmaking from Columbia University in New York.

Quentin's talents span drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and rockwork artistry. After showing in galleries across Alberta and British Columbia, Quentin worked as an exhibition artist for many years. Specifically, he has creating environments for zoos, aquariums and living museums across the world. This included working as an Imagineer for Disneyworld, Florida, and as Production Art Director for Universal Creative.

A common thread in Quentin’s work is his love of colour. He spent years teaching painting fundamentals, but also colour theory, and his paintings, drawings and human figure-works share the same joyful use of colour and instinct for surprising contrasts. “If you look closely, you will see elements of my sculpture and rock-work in some of my paintings. Growing up in the Rockies has influenced me to incorporate their geological textures into my work.”

Quentin's recent studio works are titled Songs. Each is an abstract, playful, and surreal contemporary painting or drawing.  “I have always constructed my works as poems, but here they have become so visually lyrical as to be more like songs, with a balance of elements building toward an emotional whole.”

Residing in Florida where he enjoys reading and hiking, Quentin’s works can be found in private, commercial and public collections.



Quentin Caron

From his Songs series, Songs-P1212_22, artist Quentin Caron describes each as "an abstract, playful and surreal contemporary painting." Quentin creates each one as a poem. However, he adds that they have become so visually lyrical as to be more like songs. "They have a balance of elements building towards an emotional whole."

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