Rachel Cadrin

Colour field, abstract expression, contemporary
Mixed media
Gerhard Richter, Fabian Marrcacio, Dan Flavin, Arturo Herrera, Irene Neal, Joseph Drapel, Anne Low, Bram Bogart, Ad Reinhardt, Alexis Harding
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Rachel Cadrin Rachel Cadrin


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Yoga-teaching artist brings therapeutic expertise

Hailing from Lloydminster, Alberta, Rachel Cadrin always had a passion for creating. However, after a year at the University of Calgary she realized she needed to explore the world before digging deeper into her art education.

Taking a year out, Rachel travelled to Africa and New Zealand. During her travels she discovered Yoga which drastically shifted her views on life. Returning home, subsequently, Rachel studied a Bachelors in Painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design, graduating with Distinction. Rachel credits her time spent travelling with impacting the work she created during her degree.

“I view my art as I view my life: a journey that is evolving with each day, moment, and breath. Much like my life I am not passive in my art journey, nor am I solely in control; the canvas, paint, and I work together to create."

Rachel’s work focuses on chance and materiality. She uses a variety of mediums to achieve unique outcomes. Rachel enjoys co-creating with the unpredictability of the media she uses to create ambiguous pieces which are open to interpretation.

“I have long been fascinated with colour and creating spaces using colours. My work provides the audience with the opportunity to create their own story, emotion and thoughts about each piece. I believe art should evoke a feeling, emotion or a new way of thinking. I hope my work does this for you."

Rachel currently lives in Calgary where she paints, teaches Yoga and works as a qualified counsellor and art therapist.

Previous exhibitions

  • 2014 Shut Your Eyes and See and the Caprices Fine Arts Show
  • 2013 Lilac Festival
  • 2013 I Think It Should Be Bigger and You’re Welcome: A Painting Show
  • 2012 Colourful Finger Paintings and More
  • 2008-2014 ACAD Show and Sale
  • 2007 Open Call to Art Gallery of Alberta
  • 2006-2011 Edmonton Art Walk


Strictly Outta Curiosity

Rachel Cadrin

This is the second painting that was created in a series focused on working with pairs. Artist Rachel Cadrin created Strictly Outta Curiosity at the same time as creating its mate, What Would Happen. The colours are the same but the space created is unique to each piece.

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