Robbin Yager

Oil on Canvas / Oil Pastel
Frank Stella, Cy Twombly, Pierre Bonnard, Patterson Ewan, Milton Avery, David Hockney, Agnes Martin, Mathew Wong
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Robbin Yager Robbin Yager


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A visual artist who captures the soul of intimate wilderness

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Robbin Yager graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts with a major in printmaking and a minor in drawing.

Since graduating, Robbin has travelled extensively over the years. Her experiences in India, Nepal, Europe, the USA and Morocco have all had significant influence on her art.

Robbin's work reflects her passion for the natural world, the environment and man's impact on the Earth. She's an avid explorer, and can often be found trekking pristine trails in the Rockies or the deserts of the US south west. She explains: “I pursue intimate wilderness experiences to power my vision and my palette.”

Her work characterizes elements found in landscape, which she treats as portrait, seeking to capture the soul of her surroundings. She uses bright colors and large immersive formats and often adds a slant of humor to her works.

Robbin has exhibited in major public and private galleries across Canada. Her prints have been included in group shows in Peru, Holland, Slovenia, Germany, Finland and the USA. Also, her prints, drawings and paintings are part of many public, private and corporate collections in Canada and the USA. In addition, she has won multiple awards for her prints and received grants from Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and Canada Council.

Robbin works from her studio in Mayne Island, British Columbia creating handmade prints, paintings and mixed media drawings. She also enjoys photography, creative writing and dabbling in object sculpture.


First Snow

Robbin Yager

First Snow is artist Robbin Yager's depiction of her memory of life on the Canadian prairies. In particular the fury in which autumn can turn to winter with one snowfall.  First Snow would make a striking feature artwork for anyone who has ever been inspired by weather phenomenon.

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