27.9 cm x 38.1 cm
Watercolour on Paper & Archival Pen
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  • Bhuvanakrtimandalam
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  The final resolution in the Norman Sjoman's series of mandalas, Bhuvanakrtimandalam depicts the universe and the emptiness within. The caption in the void reads: 'The world of Siva (Rudra) is a mandala in the form of the universe. It's inside of you. It's your own body and it is identical with your own consciousness.' The painting comes from a circular meeting of shamans. The text is from an Atharva Veda hymn to a vanished divinity, Skambha.

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Rudra Surya

Norman Sjoman

The Rudras are a series of four paintings by Norman Sjoman. They started out as pathway icons like a hand on a rock wall indicating individual  presence and reminding us of what lasts. Rudra is the old god, the master of the uncreate who brought about creation.  In the same way the paintings present the individual in a less defined field.  Norman was exploring these ideas and realized he was doing it visually as well when he started on these paintings. These paintings were created in metallic, pearlescent paints and change colour in different light.

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