More Extreme Storms Will Bring…
160 cm x 170 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
20th November 2021
$5,200 CAN

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  • More Extreme Storms Will Bring
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In one of his more recent works, More Extreme Storms Will Bring..., Jim Ulrich draws on his experience of the climate crisis. Specifically the effects of global warming which has brought extreme weather both in western Canada and worldwide. This visually chaotic composition with its primary colors, pastel shades, and swirling lines is Jim's abstract take on the chaos we all face as the crisis deepens beyond our control.

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More Extreme Storms Will Bring…


Jim Ulrich

Named for the island off the coast of Brisbane, Australia, Stradbroke is a new artwork by artist Jim Ulrich. Jim wanted to convey the juxtaposition of its aboriginal and colonial history and its beauty as a tropical paradise. With the stark contrast of blue, red, yellow and white, Stradbroke would make a great feature in any room.

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