Orange Regrets
  • Orange Regrets
  • Orange Regrets on your wall
28 cm x 22 cm
Acrylic on Paper
15th November 2021
$175 CAN
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A quick study by artist Phoebe Bradbury using a new tool with yellow and red squirted on the Yupo paper. Orange Regrets is the name she felt fitted this artwork when she saw all the happiness and alignment below and the stronger disruptions on the top. This fun creation would brighten up any living space.

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Orange Regrets

Overlapping Thoughts

Phoebe Bradbury

Approaching 75, artist Phoebe Bradbury mused about Overlapping Thoughts: "I wonder how anyone can control or organize all the random thoughts that flit through their mind, hour after hour. I had no trouble naming this when I viewed it the next morning. It seems to me anxious and frightening. As I look at it now I see drops of blood. I think I need to meditate more."

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