Portraits of Yogins 1
22 cm x 28 cm
Archival Ink on Paper
$950 CAN

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The first in a series of four portraits of yogins by artist Norman Sjoman. These drawings were influenced by the Pasupati seal from Mohenji Daro which suggests an early origin of yoga.

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Portraits of Yogins 1


Norman Sjoman

  The final resolution in the Norman Sjoman's series of mandalas, Bhuvanakrtimandalam depicts the universe and the emptiness within. The caption in the void reads: 'The world of Siva (Rudra) is a mandala in the form of the universe. It's inside of you. It's your own body and it is identical with your own consciousness.' The painting comes from a circular meeting of shamans. The text is from an Atharva Veda hymn to a vanished divinity, Skambha.

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