Virus for Sale
22 cm x 28 cm
Acrylic on Paper
22nd November 2021
$175 CAN

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Artist Phoebe Bradbury said that the viewers of this live-streamed painting got to see anger and frustration in action with the mark making. One viewer said it looked like a virus and the name stuck: Virus For Sale. Phoebe adds that she had been a little frustrated because her previous attempt on the paper had to be rinsed away. When she looks at the painting now she feels that it looks evil.

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Virus for Sale

Dark Designs

Phoebe Bradbury

Artist Phoebe Bradbury describes Dark Designs as a painting that she likes more, the more she see it. Painted just before Virus for Sale, she was having an interesting day and did not like the painting at first. Phoebe forgot what colors she had squirted on the Yupo paper at the beginning but they soon got all mixed up and became grey. She was using a homemade silicon tool to scrape through - her parallel line-maker. Phoebe looks at the painting now and she sees a thwarted struggle: Grey lines pushing though and continuing... She observes that sometimes life feels like that.

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